Art Events Ottawa

The Àrt Events Ottawa is an annual exhibition of Canadian art in Toronto. It is one of the country's largest and most significant art events, and has been held every year since 1954.

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Brilliant Butterflies in Flight

The Museum of Natural History hosts this event from now through April 2nd. A room will be housed in the museum that will feature live butterflies. As hundreds of butterflies navigate through a greenhouse filled with blooming flowers, you can be among them.

It is hard to capture small objects on camera. Fluttering butterflies is no exception. To increase my chances of getting a great shot of these beautiful insects, I will be bringing several items. While a tripod is useful for stability, these beautiful insects will be moving so I recommend leaving the head free to allow you to turn your camera. To ensure clear images, use a fast shutter speed. You should also consider shooting your images in JPEG rather than RAW mode. This will enable you to take more pictures per second, which increases your chances of getting a good still shot. Finally, be aware of the time of day that you are attending this event. You might get some extra flare from the sun because the event is held in a greenhouse. This could create an interreference or add a unique element to your photos. Can you picture the fiery colours of the monarch against the setting sun in a brilliant sunset? I'm sure I can.

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